It’s At Your Worse, When You Know Whose Got Your Back, Not Just At Your Best!
But I’m Glad You Were Able To Be Here For Both Brother, Love You Man! 🙌💎
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Here With The Side Hoe #StatueOfLiberty! 💎🙌 (at Statue Of Liberty)

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My Birthday’s In One Hour… (at Creative INC.)

Thanks @goldxguns, It Ain’t A Manual, But It’ll Do! 😏🙌 (at Creative INC.)

Yesterday When A Bamboo Branch Was Relentless On Staying Attached To Its Base. Until We Stabbed It, Shanked it, and Yanked It!! Cause At That Point, Shit Was Personal !! 😂 (at Creative INC.)

Happy Birthday To The Guy Who Inspires My Acting Both Dramatically and Comically!
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Been Playin’ For A While Now…
Just Forgot To Brag About It! 😏
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Lmfaooo I couldn’t resist!! 😂😂 (at Creative INC.)